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DJ AngelBaby jumps into the Baltimore club mixtape game

January 14, 2013

Some Baltimoreans may feel a strange, perhaps unpleasant sense of déjà vu when laying eyes on DJ AngelBaby’s Get Pumped Vol. 1. A mix CD of Baltimore club music by a popular female on-air personality from 92Q, distributed by the local retail chain Downtown Locker Room, can’t help but bring to mind the dozens of such mixtapes that DJ K-Swift released before her death in 2008. DJ AngelBaby, a Baltimore native who started working at 92Q the same year, picks up the baton with her first mix, which includes an intro and outro from K-Swift’s old friend Pork Chop, as well as new tracks from Club Queen favorites like KW Griff, Say Wut and DJ K-Spin. K-Swift is only shouted out once, towards the end of the collection in a drop by DJ Reddz. But the bottom line is that club music deserves these kinds of splashy collections of the biggest tracks of the moment, and in K-Swift’s absence few have even attempted to fill that void. Club music has always been in need of more female participation, and DJ AngelBaby throws her hat into the ring at a time when women like the rappers Rye Rye and TT The Artist are waving the flag for Baltimore club proudly.

Get Pumped Vol. 1 is executive produced by one of the club scene’s hottest producers of recent years, Murder Mark, and features several of his tracks along with other new school hitmakers like DJ Pierre and James Nasty, as well as some of the producers from outside Baltimore who’ve made their own variations on the sound of the city. Invariably, samples of recent hip-hop hits, chopped up or sped up to fit a club music tempo, dominate the mix, but a wide variety of textures and production styles creep in from the dozens of contributors. It’s a kick to hear DJ Big O and Nadus remix “Pop That,” the French Montana hit that samples the same Luther Campbell track from which Baltimore club derived one of its most famous songs, “Doo Doo Brown,” a rare moment that links the past and present.