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Watch the national television debut of J. Roddy Walston and The Business on VH1

December 27, 2012

J. Roddy Walston & The Business have long felt like one of Baltimore rock’s best prospects for mainstream success; after all, they are one of the only local bands to have found their way onto 98 Rock playlists, and sound damn good there. Still, it was a little surprising last week to get word last week that the band would be performing on VH1′s morning talk show, Big Morning Buzz Live. The other guest on the December 17th episode was rap superstar T.I., but at the end of the hour it was J. Roddy and the boys who got onstage and performed “Don’t Break The Needle” for a national viewing audience.

VH1′s Jim Shearer introduced the band with the appropriate description of “Jerry Lee Lewis meets AC/DC,” and J. Roddy Walston, who’d complained on Twitter of the show’s 6 a.m. call time, shyly made his way through a quick interview, and then flubbed a few words early in the song before the band clicked and sounded almost as good as they do at one of their many sold-out Ottobar gigs. Throughout the performance, VH1 put little word bubbles with information of the band on the screen, including an almost-mention of the City Paper, when stating that the band “was recently chosen as the best live band in Baltimore by a city paper.” C’mon, guys, all you had to do was capitalize two letters and you would’ve mentioned us by name!

It’s been over two years since The Business’s first nationally released album, their self-titled Vagrant Records debut, made its way into stores, but clearly the band is still regularly hitting the road and promoting the album and “Don’t Break The Needle,” which was featured on the soundtrack to the Mark Wahlberg flick Contraband earlier this year. So perhaps Big Morning Buzz Live was having trouble booking more famous performers so close to the holidays, or perhaps this Wal-Mart-sponsored performance is a sign that J. Roddy Walston’s commercial prospects are looking bright for 2013. The band hasn’t yet announced a new album, but 2012 did see the digital release of an excellent new studio track, “Jesus Gonna Do His Best.”