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The Metro Gallery holds a fundraiser for Moveable Feast

December 3, 2012

On December 1st, World AIDS Day, the Metro Gallery held a fundraiser for Moveable Feast, the Baltimore-based organization that has been providing food and other services to people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions since 1990. As a celebration of an incredibly noble and worthwhile cause, it was an edifying way to spend a Saturday night, but it was also a pretty fun concert. And that was primarily due to The Firecrackers, an aptly named Baltimore foursome that ran through a set of crackling punk tunes with girl group harmonies. The band, founded by Pat Termite, formerly of Cleveland power poppers The Beatnik Termites, had a bombshell frontwoman named Colleen and big hooky songs we would’ve described as bubblegum even if they didn’t actually have a song titled “Bubblegum.” When the band finished their set, the audience was so vocally demanding for more that they pulled out one last song, a midtempo tune called “The Waltz,” that wound up being a welcome change of pace.

Earlier in the night, the quartet The Honest Mistake played an enjoyably jangly set that marked the 11th wedding anniversary of singer Joylene Dahlia and guitarist Chris Ehrich. Singer/songwriter Tim Kaye opened the show with a solo set, his piano-driven songs sometimes not done proper justice by a garish synthesizer patch – we realize it’s a pain to play gigs with a real piano, but it really would sound so much better. Still, he ended his set on a literal high note with a cover of Prince’s “Do Me, Baby” that could’ve lapsed into shrill camp but instead soared with Kaye actually doing the song’s squealing falsetto justice.


  • Pete Castro

    And on top of the great music, over $1000 were raised for Moveable Feast and the Ride for the Feast. Thanks to everyone for a successful and fun night!

  • Chris Ehrich

    I hate to be whiney, but we’re actually called the Honest Mistakes. Totally agreed on the Firecrackers though. Awesome.

  • Chris Ehrich

    And, obviously, what Pete said.

  • Shawn Smallwood

    chopped liver is chopped liver lol