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Brooks Long and Jumbled Make Christmas Songs for Baltimore

December 20, 2012

The search for a modern Christmas song worthy of addition to the canon (besides, of course, that deathless Mariah Carey track) is, perhaps, a fool’s errand. But every 4th quarter, acts big and small continue to toss holiday-themed songs and albums out into the world, and whether they perfectly capture the spirit of the season or achieve Christmas carol immortality or not, there are often some worthwhile and entertaining tracks to be heard. This year, a couple came out of Baltimore: one from soul singer/songwriter Brooks Long, and one from indie rapper Jumbled.

Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good, featuring pianist Jim Jones sitting in with Long’s usual backing band, recently released ”Christmas Letter From Franklin Square, an affecting tune that takes place in the titular West Baltimore neighborhood. ” She Wants It All,” by contrast, is a brief, humorous rap about shopping season by Jumbled, who previously recorded a memorable ode to another time of year, the Best of Baltimore summer jam “Snobaltimore.”