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Preview and Pre-order the excellent upcoming Crimes 7 inch

November 15, 2012

When we named Crimes the city’s best new band in this year’s BOB issue, we were only going on a hunch, based on a small amount of recorded music and one or two dynamite live shows (for the record, they didn’t even have to buy anyone a beer). But their small catalog is steadily growing with a series of oddly named EPs: first the 2-song Ronny in 2010, then the kickass 5-song Fluffy earlier this year. Now, the Crimes Bandcamp page is previewing three of the four tracks from Meatsy, which will be out on 7” vinyl on December 11thand is available to pre-order now.

One of the advantages of hearing a band slowly unveil itself on a sporadic series of small releases is that you can hear them develop and refine their sound bit by bit. In the case of Crimes, it suits them especially well because brevity is part of what they do, most of their songs falling between 2 and 3 minutes. Each of their three releases so far has been with a different producer and studio, and Meatsy, recorded by The Wayward guitarist Nick Skrobisz, may be the best realization of their live sound to date. The 3 songs currently streaming include also give a pretty full range of what Crimes does well, moving from the opening “Oh, D” on the more melodic end of things to the shouty, abrasive “Sleep Deprived” and the anthemic “Snakes.”