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Pitbull gets J.Lo singing DJ Class lyrics

November 26, 2012

Baltimore club veteran DJ Class has made a lot of famous friends since dropping the breakout single “I’m The Ish” in 2008, but perhaps none has been a more persistent booster for his career than Miami party rapper Pitbull. Pit jumped on the official remix of “I’m The Ish” with Lil Jon, and had Class-produced tracks on 2009’s Rebelution, and 2010’s Armando. Still, it’s a mild shock to hear “Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem),” a track on Pit’s new album Global Warming, on which Jennifer Lopez sings a line from “I’m The Ish” over a DJ Class beat as part of the song’s refrain: “I done had a long week, now it’s time to celebrate.”

Pitbull has never been afraid to reinterpret and recycle, and Global Warming is full of shameless samples and interpolations of instantly recognizable pop hits like Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do,” A-Ha’s “Take On Me,” and Mickey & Sylvia’s “Love Is Strange.” But there’s still something surreal about hearing one of the most famous women in the world sing the lyrics of a Baltimore club track. J.Lo and Pitbull have collaborate three times before, including on last year’s triple platinum megahit “On The Floor,” so if “Drinks For You” is released as a single you may be hearing Class’s words everywhere soon.