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The 10 Most Popular Baltimore Musicians on Twitter

October 12, 2012

In my latest Rap Sheet column for the City Paper, I ran down a list of Baltimore rappers who’d amassed over 10 thousand followers on Twitter, as an attempt to measure the online fanbases of hometown MCs. But that raised the question, who are the most popular Baltimore musicians on Twitter in general? So here are the top 10:

10. B. Rich (@BRichbaltimore)


B. Rich is best known for the 2002 major label hit “Whoa Now,” which predated Twitter by several years. But he’s kept grinding away as an independent artist, and apparently still has a lot of eyes on him.

9. TestMe (@testme410)


TestMe started out rapping as a teenager nearly a decade ago, and over the years has enjoyed some success with his mixtapes and with singles getting played on 92Q, and it looks like he’s still going strong, at least on Twitter.

8. King Midas (@KingMidasMusic)


King Midas may be best known in Baltimore for producing and performing the hook on Caddy Da Don’s breakout hit “Grindin’ On Me,” but Midas, who’s also produced songs for Mystikal and Sean Kingston,” has Caddy beat by over 10 thousand followers.

7. Sisqo (@OfficialSisQo)


It’s been a long time since “Thong Song,” but Sisqo is still perhaps the most famous pop star to have repped Baltimore in our lifetime, and he’s got the followers to prove it. The reunited Dru Hill also have 14 thousands followers.

6. Rye Rye (@RyeRye)


Rye Rye’s Interscope debut Go! Pop! Bang! has been out for a few months now, and she’s had a banner year of touring and making appearances on TV and in magazines.

5. Beach House (@BeaccchHoussse)


It’s easy to think of Beach House as just one of many good indie bands to have come out of Baltimore over the last few years, but their Twitter stats are a reminder of just how huge they are; their latest album, Bloom, even debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200.

4. DJ Class (@DJCLASS)


DJ Class has been repping Baltimore club music on a worldwide scale since 2008’s “I’m The Ish,” collaborating with huge stars, and continuing to drop club bangers nonstop.

3. Los (@iamKingLos)


Los, who was seen this week on the BET Hip Hop Awards alongside his Bad Boy Records labelmates, is by far the most visible rapper out of Baltimore at the moment, and the numbers he racks up on both Twitter and mixtape download sites are pretty impressive.

2. Mario (@MarioSoulTruth)

192, 000 followers

The most recent of Mario Barrett’s many huge R&B radio hits was three years ago, and since then he’s been in the headlines more for his stint on Dancing With The Stars and a domestic incident with his mother. But he’s still pretty damn famous, and is working on a new album, Restoration, due out in 2013.

1. All Time Low (@AllTimeLow)


This pop punk quartet formed in Timonium in 2003, and their last two albums debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. Their latest, Don’t Panic, was released on Tuesday, and may soon do the same.

  • clark ashton

    Weird that there’s no mention of the fact that you can buy twitter followers from multiple different companies and that most lamestream major label aspirants & their handlers have 0 compunction about doing this

  • Al Shipley

    A fair point. I figured it was generally common knowledge that these numbers are vulnerable to manipulation and that they should be taken with a grain of salt, but perhaps I should’ve stated something to that effect.

  • Thomas Dishaw

    Dj Tay James (Justin Beibers DJ) should be #2 with 356,591 FOLLOWERS