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Jay Verze Goes Cruisin’

September 28, 2012

Jay Verze, who’s been rising up the ranks of the Baltimore hip hop scene lately and collaborating with other skinny young MCs like Rickie Jacobs and StarrZ, has been campaigning for Best New Artist at the upcoming Baltimore Music Awards. In August he dropped the album 21117 (TwoElevenSeventeen), named after his Owings Mills zip code, and more recently, he unveiled the Syranno-directed video for the single “Cruisin’,” a polished clip for a catchy track.

“Cruisin’” is melodic and upbeat, and sounds as good now as when it was first released over the summer, and the video merely accentuates that, without adding much thematically. Jay isn’t the most charismatic guy in the world, and he opens the song with more fake laughs than a Wiz Khalifa mixtape, but for a teenager he’s pretty quickly growing in ability and confidence. Perhaps a little too much confidence, though – the line “I’m so different, just take a listen” betrays that he may not realize just how many rappers are doing these kinds of songs just as well these days.

  • BmoresVeryOwn

    Jay Verze is dope and at his age, well ahead of the pack. By the time he gets in his 20, he should be an amazing artist if he stays on course.