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Caddy Da Don Links Up With 2 Chainz

September 7, 2012

Every couple years, a rapper becomes absolutely ubiquitous by sheer force of will, recording guest verses for every artist that will pay for them, from the smallest regional acts to the biggest major label stars. At one point it was Bun B, for quite a few years it’s been Lil Wayne, and in 2012 it has been 2 Chainz, the Atlanta rapper who recently rode over 50 guest appearances this year alone to a #1 album. And one of his many clients is now Baltimore’s Caddy Da Don, who’s always been on the lookout for the next step up in his career, and nabbed 2 Chainz to boost his new single “Retarded.” The song may not have the most politically correct title, but it’s catchy, and the bombastic beat was laced by K.E. On The Track, who has produced radio hits by Rick Ross and Roscoe Dash.

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