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Bar Cardy Cheers On The Home Team in “I’m A Raven” Video

September 14, 2012

Over the years there have been many attempts by Baltimore rappers to show appreciation for their home team with musical odes to the Ravens, particularly since Pittsburgh’s Wiz Khalifa rode “Black And Yellow” to superstardom (Mullyman’s Baltimore-themed remix “Black And Purple” even cracked the Billboard R&B chart last year). Bar Cardy originally dropped “I’m A Raven” way back in January, when the team had a shot at the Super Bowl. But now that the football season is starting up again, the Kartel rapper has started building the song’s buzz back up, with 92Q spins and a new video that hit YouTube this week.

“I’m A Raven” features Authentic John Doe and an opening verse by the strangely named WhyHateInTown. And throughout the video, directed by fellow rapper and jack of all trades Tha Profitt, Bar Cardy and his guests party and pre-game with fans outside M&T Bank Stadium, where seemingly every article of clothing on every person has some purple in it. The cheery chorus of children singing on “I’m A Raven” is perhaps a little too saccharine for its own good, but it could very well become a theme song for the city if things go well this fall.

  • Shaka SpittsMcman Pitts

    Great job all… and big ups to bar and whyt and doe… . btw ..ravens kill the eagles 2morrow

  • Peat Marwick

    yeah, the Ravens didn’t kill the Eagles but the song is still cool!

  • Permiss

    Nice……Shouts Out to Bar dope anthem….Great write up Big up to Al Shipley