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Kane Mayfield Steals Some Beats From Thievery Corporation

July 26, 2012

The Baltimore rapper Kane Mayfield has never met the downtempo electronic duo Thievery Corporation, though they’re based only an hour south in Washington, D.C. But he decided to borrow a few of their beats for his latest release, Rhymes By Kane: Thievery Corporation Edition, which was released as a free download this week. And judging from the results, they might want to send Mayfield some beats for his next project.

Most of Mayfield’s music the last few years has been produced by his label Mania Music Group’s in-house beatmakers, who are more than capable, but it’s fun to hear take on these lush, moody tracks and turn trip hop into straight up hip hop. The back half of the record contains some of Mayfield’s most cutting, cerebral lyrics, particularly on “White Collar.” But it should only take one track to hook you, when the opener “Rappity Rap” breaks into a spoken word interlude and the MC sarcastically talks back: “I have no idea what the hook is saying, he’s like a yoga master and he’s saying stuff. I have no idea what that means. Fight what I desire? You’ll get beat up. Where you from? That Tibetan shit.”