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Check Out Dan Deacon’s Hypnotic New Video

July 19, 2012

In this week’s cover story, we visited Dan Deacon’s studio, where he was shooting a video for his new single, “True Thrush.” He described it as “a video based on a game, that’s based on the game Telephone.” The video came out yesterday, and it’s pretty great:

YouTube Preview Image

Frankly, we could watch this for hours. If you have the time, go back and watch how certain details morph over each of the takes. I especially liked how “Mars Attacks” on Decon’s t-shirt becomes “Mark Attacks” at some point before descending into gibberish, or how the signs that say “wasn’t cake pizza” at the beginning turn into “pasta poo time” along the way, with several hilarious iterations in between. But the undisputed highlight, for me, is when the middle-aged coupe–yes, that’s BMA director Doreen Bolger and local artist and 2011 Baker prize winner Gary Kachadourian–introduce a hug into the mix. It’s interesting that things seemed to get more and more animated with each take. As Ben O’Brien, the video’s director and Deacon’s co-star in the first clip, says in our story, “there wasn’t nearly this much construction paper in the original.”

  • Choop

    The director’s name is Ben not Ed.

  • Evan Serpick

    oops! fixed. thanks.