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Rye Rye Gets a Shot at the Cover of Rolling Stone

June 22, 2012

“Women in rock” pieces have always been a problematic, if not downright offensive, staple of music writing, for reasons that have been articulated better by my female contemporaries than I ever could, perhaps most comprehensively by Maura Johnston. So it’s with mixed feelings that I observed that Rolling Stone is preparing another one of the Women Who Rock issues it comes out with every few years, and that one of the six women nominated to grace the issue’s cover is Baltimore’s own Rye Rye.

Rye Rye has had a banner year already, with national tours and television appearances for the release of  her major label debut Go! Pop! Bang!‘ last month, when it landed at No. 6 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. But it would be pretty cool if she ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone, even if I have misgivings about the theme of the issue. All six of the artists who can be voted for to appear on the September issue are up-and-comers, but Rye Rye is an underdog even in that context. Three of the artists–Karmin, Rita Ora and Dev–are singers who have already enjoyed major chart hits, and two of the others, Sleeper Agent and Delta Rae, are female-fronted bands a little closer to Rolling Stone‘s demographic.

Six months ago, there was a fair amount of excitement in Baltimore when both Los and Mullyman were in contention to appear in XXL‘s ‘Freshmen 10′ issue. But those were two rappers out of 50, nominated to appear on a cover with 9 other rappers. Here, Rye Rye has a one in six chance of having the cover of Rolling Stone all to herself. Good luck to her.