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Brown F.I.S.H.’s OOH Launches a New Alias and a Weekly Event

May 9, 2012

Last year I interviewed OOH, longtime frontman of the veteran Baltimore hip-hop band Brown F.I.S.H., about the launch of his solo career and his plans at the time to release both an EP, The Big 7, and a mixtape, The King of Pops. What he didn’t mention at the time, though, was that he’d be releasing even more music under a different name. But this week saw the release of “Dope Boy,” the debut single from OOH’s new alias, YoSlick, who will be releasing an album this summer.

“Dope Boy” is a southern-flavored banger in line with some of the other tracks OOH has released outside of Brown F.I.S.H., such as “Let the Light…” and “Pink Money.” And though the song’s title and the name YoSlick may indicate that OOH is adopting some kind of character to make more overtly “ignorant” rap, the song’s verses still contain some of the MC’s undeniable intelligence and way with words. OOH is launching the YoSlick project alongside the announcement that he’s the new host of a regular event/weekly showcase at NowChild Soundstage in Mount Vernon, called Judah’s Juke Joint Thursdays.


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