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Animal Collective Releases Two New Songs, New Interactive Website

May 9, 2012

Nearly a year ago, before a headlining gig at Merriweather Post Pavilion, Dave Portner and Brian Weitz of Animal Collective, the hugely successful indie band that first cut its teeth in Baltimore County, described their new material sounding like an alien band sampling material from Earth, such as radio signals beamed into space.

On Sunday night, we got our first recorded taste of just what that sounds like, with two tracks from the “Honeycomb/Gotham” 7-inch uploaded to the band’s site. Indeed, the A-side, “Honeycomb,” features a sample of a radio promo spot before launching into a collage of manipulated gurgles of electronic noises, resembling something off a whimsical, hyperactive video game soundtrack. B-side “Gotham” is much darker and spare but is no less apparent in its representation of these otherworldly sounds.

You can hear the two songs for yourself here. The single will be available through Domino Records’ online store on June 26 and is scheduled to hit shelves in the summer.

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