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Telesma’s Ian Hesford Suffers a Heart Attack On-Stage (Donation Link Within)

April 30, 2012

Just over a week ago, Telesma, the Baltimore-based “psychedelic tribal modern world dance music” band, was playing a headlining show at Ram’s Head Live, and gearing up to release its second studio album, Action/in/Inaction, due out later this spring. But band member Ian Hesford, who plays a diverse array of instruments including didgeridoo and dumbek, suffered a heart attack onstage during the April 20 show, and barely made it through the night alive after being rushed to a hospital.

As noted in an update about his condition on the Telesma web site, Hesford is, like many other musicians, woefully uninsured and unprepared for his recent health issues. So the remaining band members will continue performing without him to help raise money to benefit their bandmate, and in the meantime has set up a Paypal link for anyone who’d like to donate to a trust that’s been set up to help Hesford with his medical bills.

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