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DBoi Da Dome Drafts Los and Caddy Da Don for a Remix

March 30, 2012

One of the increasingly rare local rap singles to make it into daily mix-show spins on 92Q in the past few months is “Trashbags,” an anthemic banger by DBoi Da Dome featuring Starrz. It isn’t a great song, but functional and fun to shout along with, and radio-friendly in the sense that it’s aesthetically indistinguishable from, say, an Ace Hood song produced by Lex Luger. And it just got better with a remix featuring two of Baltimore rap’s biggest rising stars of the moment, Los and Caddy Da Don.

A few years ago, it was pretty commonplace for a handful of Baltimore’s better-known MCs to hop on an overstuffed posse-cut remix whenever one of them caught some success with a single. That practice has been a bit neglected lately, though, which makes the show of unity on the “Trashbags” remix feel like more of an event. DBoi acquits himself well, laying down a better verse than he had on the original song, and Caddy sounds at home on the beat, but the last verse is reserved for almost inarguably the most famous and talented MC on the track. It’s one of Los’ first guest appearances since re-signing to Bad Boy Records, and it doesn’t disappoint. But the fact that this remix marks the first time I’ve ever heard Los on 92Q, years after he’d proven himself to a rapidly growing mixtape fan base as well as the major-label world, gives a little credence to the perennial question of exactly how and why the station’s gatekeepers choose which local artists get airplay.


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