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Beach House Reveals Another Layer, Record

March 12, 2012

Late Tuesday night, when most good bloggers had gone to bed, local dream pop duo Beach House decided to casually drop a new song, titled “Myth,” with a tweet and Facebook post to their respective profiles that read simply, “Hello again.”

It ranks as one of the tightest pop songs in the band’s repertoire, featuring beautifully arpeggiating keys from Victoria Legrand and some of Alex Scally’s most ebullient guitar playing to date. As for the vocals, Legrand continues to show a crispness and sense of melody in her singing, pulling back another layer of the bedroom haze and giving the lushness and tranquility of her voice more resonance.

The new record, Bloom, will be released on Sub Pop May 15. In an interview with NME, Alex Scally says the album will be “their own Pet Sounds or Disintegration, not in sound, but as something which feels like a definitive statement.”


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