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“Say Your Dream, Create a Sound” With Dustin Wong, or Just Watch This Video

January 13, 2012

For his new album, Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads–out Feb. 21 on Thrill Jockey–Dustin Wong has released a music video and started a contest.

First, let’s get to the video, for the song “Diagonally Talking Echo.” The layers of swirling guitars we’ve come to love in Wong’s music are given a full color wheel treatment, first seen on screen as circular splotches of various hues and then as a full-on psychedelic swirl.

Beneath that layer we see Wong, his face painted completely red, offering a rare vocal accompaniment, a shifting series of wordless wails and mumblings, to his guitar work. With the utterance of a short “waaaa,” the shot shifts to colliding bodies of water, and for the grand, thickly layered musical finale, a combination of everything.

As for the contest, Wong is asking people to post a recorded narration of a vivid dream that has affected them to his Soundcloud page. He will then take some of the descriptions and write original soundtracks for each. Snippets of the recorded results will be posted online beginning Feb. 20.


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