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Lend the Pilgrim a Hand With Its Debut Album On Kickstarter

January 5, 2012

I’ve seen some powerfully bullshit Kickstarter pleas over the past year or so from bands you will never hear of, wanting, like, major label-style money to record a debut record and various things several miles past the border of self-obsessed self-indulgence, but there’s also a flip-side to that of the young, talented band needing the bare minimum to get their record over the next hill. So, here’s The Pilgrim, a tight psych-rock unit drawn from the membership of bands such as The Convocation and The Exploder and Sick Weapons, needing $2,400 to press an LP, which has been recorded and languishing since 2009.  For $250 you get a bunch of merch and a lifetime of free shows and “Bob and Derrick’s famous fried green tomatoes!” prepared in your home. But you could also just donate a dollar.

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