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DJ Class Drops a Real Song and a Made-Up Collab

January 10, 2012

During 50 Cent’s beef with Jadakiss, Jada memorably remarked that he did “real songs with Big, no made up shits,” referring to the fact that he had once collaborated with the living Notorious B.I.G., whereas 50 had only appeared on a song that posthumously sampled Biggie’s vocals. That lyric ran through my mind while listening to DJ Class’ new song “featuring” Kanye West, which comes three years after West jumped on the official remix of the veteran Baltimore club producer’s national breakout hit “I’m the Ish.” That was a real song with West, whereas the new “We Stay Winning” simply samples a few lines from “Gorgeous” from his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Not a bad track, but could’ve done without the blog-baiting fake “feature” credit.

“We Stay Winning,” DJ Class by EverydayElk

The only person sampled without their knowledge on Class’s other new song, the single “Orangutan,” is the titular primate, who makes a squealing cameo on the song’s ingratiatingly silly hook. Like “We Stay Winning,” the song rides the kind of burbling synth horn that’s typical of a lot of Baltimore club tracks (particularly from the late ’90s and the early 2000s) but is kind of a change of pace for Class, particularly from the AutoTune hooks and screaming rave synths that have dominated many of his tracks since “I’m the Ish” revitalized his career.

“Orangutan,” DJ Class by EverydayElk

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