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Caddy Da Don Remixes His Latest Single With Future

January 19, 2012

Last summer when I sat down with Baltimore rapper Caddy Da Don for his City Paper cover story, he was riding high off the breakthrough single “Grindin’ On Me,” and he’s been plenty busy since then, releasing the Powder Meth Blow mixtape and doing lots of shows, videos, and interviews. His camp also circulated a laughably implausible announcement that he’d been selected as the opening act for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne Tour, which several websites and at least one national magazine were dumb enough to publish, before Caddy’s site quietly retracted the blatant lie.┬áIn terms of actual accomplishments, though, the “Grindin’ On Me” follow-up “Cookamonga” has been garnering buzz lately, and recently received a remix with one of Atlanta’s biggest rising stars of the moment, Future.

“Cookamonga,” featuring Money on the song’s outlandishly silly hook, debuted on Powder Meth Blow last year, and has been racking up spins on 92Q and elsewhere. Now Future, who broke through last year on YC’s smash “Racks” and has since been scoring solo hits like “Tony Montana” and “Magic,” has hopped on the song’s second verse as Caddy hopes to break the track nationally. Caddy recorded all new lyrics for the track himself, taking the first verse before Future shows up with his odd, gruff voice, dropping memorable lines like “I’m still walking on the moon, I feel like a thousand goons.”

Caddy Da Don ft. Future, “Cookamonga” by EverydayElk

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