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Thank You Announces Retirement Plans; Actual Thank Yous To Ensue

November 1, 2011

Another Baltimore band is calling it quits. Following the departures of art-rock outfit Ponytail and punk mainstays Double Dagger, psych-rock four-piece Thank You has announced that its co-headlining show this weekend with Oxes will be the band’s last in the United States and Baltimore. The band will then tour Europe and play its final show at All Tomorrow’s Parties “Nightmare Before Christmas” in Minehead, England.

For more details and a few words from founding member Jeff McGrath, head over to Impose Magazine/Bmore Musically Informed, where the story was first reported by Brett Yale of Friends Records.

The nut of it:

Jeff [McGrath] explains, “It sort of just feels like we’re moving out of an apartment.” A few weeks ago William Cashion of Future Islands asked Thank You if they wanted to join them for a January tour. When the band got together to discuss William’s proposal, it became evident to everyone that not all of the members still enjoyed touring or had the will to continue to do so.

Each of Thank You’s LPs since their days with original drummer Elke Wardlaw have been hand-crafted with a strong ode to their live performance. First and foremost, Thank You is very much a live band. Without this component, all four current members couldn’t envision moving forward under the same moniker. Jeff was quick to point out that they’ll all remain best friends, they all plan to stay living in Baltimore, and that they all plan to continue making music – just with different friends and artists. This makes sense, especially when considering the musical cycle currently occurring in Baltimore.

Thank You was probably one of the most unsung bands in the city, which is to say it never caught on nationally as big as it should have. Thank You was sort of like our own little secret. Its live shows were mammoth, a delirious swirl of keys, guitar, and bass created by McGrath and Michael Bouyoucas, with Emmanuel Nicolaidis posted up in the back, all flying limbs as his hands and feet worked parts of the drum kit at a seemingly inhuman rate. The band this year added Stephen Santillan on bass, and it’s sad to see that this lineup will be short-lived.

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