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Spend Thanksgiving With Friends Records’ New Holiday Comp

November 23, 2011

Well, the economy is still in the shitter, Congress appears to be out of fucks to give, and there’s all of the police-state insanity surrounding the Occupy movement, but, hey, we’ve all got something to be thankful for. Here in Baltimore, we can give thanks for good local music, and we can be thankful for Friends Records taking the time to compile a hearty helping of hometown goodness.

As part of the its second annual compilation, the label has culled 30 new songs from some of the area’s top talent. Some we’ve heard—new songs from Secret Mountains, the first releases of Wye Oak lead singer Jenn Wasner’s solo project Flock of Dimes—but much of it is brand new, including unreleased songs from Dan Deacon, Ponytail’s Dustin Wong and Molly Siegel, Jason Urick, and many, many more.

Below we’ve got the full track list and the world premiere of a new track from psych-rock veteran Celebration, titled “Sure Shot.” Friends is giving away the compilation for free on Thanksgiving. For all you collectors out there, the compilation will be getting a physical release as a two-tape package, which begins shipping in about a week.

Side A
Celebration – Sure Shot
Future Islands – Tomorrow (Live @ KEXP)
Weekends – Basement Fuzz
Microkingdom – God’s Total Woman
Moss of Aura – Post
Jason Urick – Woman (For Jah Shaka)

Side B
Oxes – Hiawatha (Live @ WNUR)
Witch Hat – Break Interstate Park
Violet Hour – Absence of Limbs
Sri Aurobindo – No Coincidence
Lonnie Walker – Inside Factories
Height With Friends – Mustard Seed

Side C
Soft Cat – This Is How We Walk on the Moon
Lands and Peoples – Memo (Live)
Flock Of Dimes – Prison Bride
Beth Varden – I Can’t Stand
Brian Adam Ant – Psychic Assassins
Secret Mountains – Weepy Little Fingers
Buhloones – Something Else Exchange
Holy Ghost Party – Breakfast
Beyond Say – Bowl of Water Moccassins

Side D
Dan Deacon – The Token Circle High
Co La – Visions of Excess (Wet Version)
Jake Lingan – Hair Trigger
Vlonde – Love Theme
Avocado Happy Hour – Tactic
Dustin Wong and Molly Siegel – Untitled
Chase O’Hara and Amy Reid – Love You in Summer
Inflatable Mattress – Fantasy Motorboat
Neal Reinalda – Sunset in Baltimore

- Sure Shot
by friendsrecords

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