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An die Musik Is Closed Temporarily

November 11, 2011

We were kinda worried that it was going to be worse: The jazz and classical venue‘s phone has been turned off since early in the week, after a Sunday night show cancelled. E-mails to club owner Henry Wong were bouncing back, and e-mails about cancelled and/or moved shows had started rolling in. The thing is that clubs close, sometimes suddenly. Well, fear not. Wong, who’d been visiting family in Vancouver, B.C., explains that an electrical problem had run up a massive bill, and the process of scraping up $9,000 to pay it has taken some time. “An die Musik, we’re the 99 percent,” Wong says with maybe the barest twinge of mirth.

He expects the club to be opened mid-next week. Tonight’s Freddy Redd Quintet show has been cancelled, as has tomorrow’s Ebony and Irony performance.

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