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Reina Williams Takes On Simon Cowell and The X-Factor

October 11, 2011

Though we picked her as the city’s best solo artist in last year’s Best of Baltimore awards, singer/songwriter/rapper/producer/guitarist Reina Williams is the kind of uncategorizable musical talent that you tend not to see on reality TV talent shows like American Idol. But Simon Cowell’s latest show, the U.S. edition of The X-Factor on FOX, draws from a slightly broader pool. Williams got to perform for Cowell and the other judges at the Newark auditions for the show’s first season back in April, and one of her performances finally aired (embedded below).

The X-Factor disappointingly did not choose to air Williams’ solo audition, but they did air the next round she proceeded to, as part of one of the “bootcamp” groups assigned a song to perform as an ensemble. The combination of rappers and singers were given the somewhat obscure Jay-Z single “Wishing On a Star,” and Williams got to show off her unique skill set as the only member of the group who sang lead on a chorus and rapped a verse. It may not have been the best possible display of her abilities, and the judges weren’t too impressed with the group effort overall, but it’s still exciting to watch this chapter unfold in a career that seems destined for bigger and better things.


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  • Reina Williams

    NICE AL! THANKS i appreciate you always!

  • Herman

    Reina is the Bomb!!!!!!!!