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Oxes Announce New Releases, Hometown Show

September 29, 2011

Back in April, we got word of two 12-inch singles, titled “Crunchy Zest” and “Orange Jewelryist,” released in Europe by math-metalheads Oxes. The band also announced some European tour dates, and then we didn’t hear much of anything. No American release for the 12-inches and no stateside, let alone hometown, shows.

Well, that has all changed. It was announced today that Oxes will take the stage at the G Spot on Nov. 5 along with Thank You and two yet-to-be-named guests. Yup, you read that right: the G Spot–the venue that seemingly keeps coming back from imminent closure.

Furthermore, Friends Records, which is putting on the show, will be issuing two new vinyl releases by the band before the end of the year. One release will include the tracks “Crunchy Zest” and “Orange Jewelryist” and more new material. All of the details aren’t settled on the second, but we’re told it will include special guest appearances. Stay tuned for more.

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