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On the Download: DDm, TV Killed the Radio Star

August 11, 2011

Rapper DDm, previously known as Dappa Dan Midas (though everybody called him Midas) just put out his EP, TV Killed the Radio Star. In a little over 16 and a half minutes, DDm impersonates a rowdy group of kindergartners, raps over the theme from Martin, concocts a maddeningly catchy in that weird Lil B way song called “Ain’t That Cool,” and on “Bangee Angie” and “Everytime the Beat Drop,” nods to the club music turn that came with his name change. Also, there are Golden Girls samples, a tribute to Good Times, and two wailing soul-beats numbers that look back to his work with Mania Music Group. It’s really good and its brevity makes it an addicting listen.

TV Killed The Radio Star comes just a week after DDm made the cover of Baltimore’s Gay Life magazine, in an article titled “Baltimore’s First Openly Gay Rapper.” And though the EP doesn’t address this revelation, its context hovers in the background of the EP in really touching and fascinating ways. EP closer “Last on Ur Dial” finds DDm rhyming about alienation and people no longer returning his phone calls. It begins with these touching lines: “Trying to be a better man/ But for me to grow momma, you got to understand/ That I confront who I truly am.”

And by not explicitly rapping about coming out, DDm actually makes a bold statement about how little of an effect coming out has on his actual rapping. The EP sounds like all his other hilarious, emotional, shit-talk-filled music. And that should silence any and all of Baltimore’s homophobic rap knuckleheads. Download TV Killed The Radio Star here.

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