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The Fifth Annual Baltimore Rap Round Robin Announces Fresh New Lineup

June 21, 2011

For the last four summers, the Rap Round Robin has been one of the most exciting events in Baltimore music, combining the city’s burgeoning, offbeat hip-hop underground with the surprisingly durable novelty of having several acts in one room taking turns playing one song at a time. And it just got a little more exciting with the announcement of the 2011 edition, which takes place at Floristree on Friday, Aug. 19. In the past, the Rap Round Robin didn’t venture far outside of the orbit of artists who started the event, with the lineup remaining identical from 2009 to 2010 . But this time around, mainstays Mickey Free, Height with Friends, AK Slaughter, Rapdragons, Jones, King Rhythm, PT Burnem, and the Plural MC will be joined by a few new faces.

Quite a few of the acts making their Round Robin debut next month are City Paper favorites, including last year’s Best of Baltimore live band pick Soul Cannon. Mania Music Group, the label/collective who just brought Soul Cannon frontman Eze Jackson into the fold as its newest artist, will also be appearing. OOH of Brown F.I.S.H. will be playing his solo material backed by the band seaWEED. Secret Weapon Dave, a longtime friend of the Rap Round Robin crew who produces tracks for Mickey Free, will be performing at the event for the first time. The one unfamiliar name on the bill is Disturbed Individuals with Ric Rab, but it will be good to add a little bit of unpredictability to a show that already features so many proven must-see acts.

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  • Brown Fish

    OOH’s band’s name is seeWEED, not seaWEED! #factchecker

  • Al Shipley

    Sorry about that — the official flier for the event that I was sent says “seaWEED” so you should definitely make sure everyone organizing and promoting the event knows that too.

  • Baltimore Nightlife

    One of the craziest event I’ve seen! Many music artist amateur and pros. 

  • Baltimore Nightlife

    This event was really great! I’m really looking forward for the next event.

  • Las Vegas Recording Studio

    Looking forward to seeing all those music artists. It would be EPIC!

  • Top Music Charts

    I hope there be tough competition here so we could see their best performance. Nothing can bring out the beast than to provoke it.