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Mania Music Group Adds a New Member: Eze Jackson, of Soul Cannon

June 17, 2011

A week ago at Joe Squared, Kane Mayfield announced a new member of Mania Music Group: Eze Jackson of Soul Cannon. Right after a passionate mini- set from Mania’s Ron G, Jackson did a five-minute straight freestyle–in the truest sense of the word, without the accompaniment of a beat–that ended with a shout of “Mania!” Jackson will still be a part of Soul Cannon but his solo work will go through Mania Music Group, which is a little confusing, but MMG has always played fast and loose with the definition of a group, focusing as much on single artist releases as group albums.

When Kane made the announcement, Dwayne Lawson, one of Mania’s producers, tapped me on the shoulders, grinning, and said, “Didn’t expect that, did you?” I certainly did not. And so once again, the Mania roster has shifted. Last summer’s Welcome to the Audience added female emcee Milly July to the three-man lineup of Kane, Ron, and Midas, and, lately, Midas has been doing amazing club-rap hybrids with Unruly Records seemingly separate from the crew. So yeah, Eze Jackson, in addition to being in Soul Cannon, is now a Mania Music Group member, which means there’s one more rapid-fire rapper in the group.

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  • Redskin2314_2011

    Where they going wit this? Sounds like DDM doing a lot better outside the crew. Eze is just another Kane Mayfield clone or vice-versa. Just another “let me rap on a BOOM BAP” MCee. Rapman Ron G got skills but always be hanging in the background, look like an insecure rapper to me, the total opposite of what hiphop stands for. Then Mily Cyrus, or Mily Vanilly, I mean Mily January, whatever her/his name is, need a job, at a mcdonalds, cuz she/he got that flipping burgers while rapping thing going on, she/he aint ready for the pros. MMG is a ship sitting still in the middle of the ocean, bound to sink eventually if they don’t get to sailing. My 2 cents.