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AllBmoreHipHop Revives Baltimore Rap’s Town Hall Meeting This Monday

June 17, 2011

This Monday eventing at 7 p.m., a “town hall meeting”  of sorts is being held for the Baltimore hip-hop community at the Guilford Avenue venue 5 Seasons, which might as well be the community’s hub. The unique event, which is open to any musician, fan, or participant in the scene with an interest and a $3 donation, is presented by the Baltimore Hip Hop Council, founded in 2007 by Courtney “C Love” Wheeler–though it looks like local online powerhouse AllBmoreHipHop has taken the reins for this installment.

The organization first presented a monthly town hall meeting in late 2007 and early 2008, and I related a less than flattering anecdote about my experience at one of those events in last year’s Big Music Issue. But having this kind of organized dialogue about how the city’s hip-hop community is doing and where it should go next is a solid concept with a great deal of potential, if the right people show up and share their ideas.

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  • Baltimore Nightlife

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