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Video: Ellis Lives for Today with “Bmore Boys/Oh Lord”

May 16, 2011

A promising up-and-coming Baltimore rapper named Ellis, who released his first mixtape barely more than a year ago, has been getting some well-deserved buzz on bigger out-of-town hip-hop sites like Rap Radar and with his video for the songs “Bmore Boys” and “Oh Lord,” both off of his recent album, Bluray E. LP. The Toni Branson-directed clip doesn’t do much more than let the straight-talking lyricist show off his hometown, rapping in a thick Baltimore accent while wearing an O’s cap and sitting on the front step of a brick rowhouse or standing next to the Inner Harbor. But the video is so beautifully shot, with notes of pathos like brief scenes of balloons being tied down next to a gravestone, that it matches the melancholy tone of producer the Legin’s soul-sampling beats and Ellis’s hard luck tales perfectly.

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