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The Hexagon Space Is Closed

May 25, 2011

Last week, the Hexagon Space, the Station North DIY gallery/music venue, announced it would be shutting down as of July 1. Its lease was set to expire, and it would not be renewed by the space’s owner, Joy Martin (of Club Charles/Zodiac fame). In a phone call to City Paper, Martin explained, “They just weren’t having any shows, so we felt it was best to try something new, something else,” and that she wasn’t sure what future plans for the space were. Indeed, while the Hexagon was having shows, the booking and general attention to the space had dropped drastically since a total collective membership turnover completed last winter. Things had fallen off from a general sense of building something awesome, to kinda/sorta maintaining something.

Finally, Monday night, City Paper received an e-mail from Carlos Guillen on behalf of the Hexagon’s board of directors. It seems those closing plans have been accelerated, to put it mildly. The Hexagon’s been evicted.

There were several unfortunate circumstances that led to our eviction, but the final act was made by our landlord when she changed the locks and forced us to remove all our valuables from the space. We decided that a legal battle was not going to improve our situation, so we decided to go along with our eviction and we moved out of 1825 N. Charles on Thursday, May 20th.

Much of our ability to survive was because of our inclusion in the Station North Arts District, and so we may not be able to find a new location elsewhere in town and still survive. The current Board of Directors and volunteers members are doing everything we can to move the shows we currently have booked to new locations. Our website will be updated as moves get finalized.

Everyone involved in The Hexagon Space is very happy that we had so much support from the music & arts scene in Baltimore. We could not have made it this far without everyone’s help, and hopefully we will get the chance to continue contributing to the artistic culture of Baltimore in the future.

As of right now, the Hexagon’s web site hasn’t been updated with new information about shows moving elsewhere or even that the space is closed. In an e-mail to the Elf Wire Google Group and shared with CP, Baltimore SDIY founder Logan Mitchell Sr. laments about his currently in-limbo two-day SummerFest: “I started working on these shows in March. So much time, effort, hopes & dreams………..gone in an instant.” And, as for what those “unfortunate circumstances” are exactly, we have an e-mail into Guillen. Stay tuned for updates.

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  • Paul Timer

    I always enjoyed seeing shows at the Hexagon. Sorry to hear that it has been shut down. (at this location) Best of luck to the Hexagon collective in finding a new locale.

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  • coupon shoebox

    Too bad I missed this, I’ll keep a better eye out for next time!