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Sonar Closing Down?

May 4, 2011

Around 4 p.m. this afternoon Sonar–the club Lonnie Fisher co-opened in Canton in the summer of 2001, which opened at its 407 E. Saratoga St. downtown location October 2003–announced via its Twitter feed and Facebook page that it was shutting down immediately. The two messages–here and here–claim that the venue’s liquor license and corporate charter have not been renewed, forcing the closure. As of 5 p.m., Sonar’s web site was still up and active with no mention of shows being canceled or moved, including this evening’s Talib Kewli show. City Paper will convey more details as it finds them out.

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  • Anonymous_Insider

    Sonar is indeed closed. Thank Lonnie Fisher personally, as he’s in bed with Bourbon Street. If it wasn’t for Sonar being stabbed in the back by Lonnie, there was a good possibility of Bourbon Street closing down, after there stellar security allowed four stabbing and one death a month ago (still haven’t caught the guy, though they have plenty of cameras up everywhere). BUT, now that Lonnie’s lawyer (who’s the majority owner of Bourbon Street) advised him not to renew, most Sonar gigs can now go to Bourbon Street to keep them up and running. This is the sad but absolute truth.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t he sell all of his shares, which had been diminished from 51% to 18% as a result of the need for outside investment (due to continual financial losses) as is evidenced by public court documents? This is stuff that can be researched. I’m taking neither side on this, but if in 2008 all of Fisher’s ownership stake was sold to, and paid for by the current owners, and since 2008, the current owners have had the opportunity to purchase the licenses from him, for a club that a.) they now own outright and b.) Fisher no longer has ownership to/of, then it’s maybe not the most responsible assertion to blame Fisher.

    If I owned a business that needed a liquor license, and the equity owner cashed out, and his name was still on the license, it wouldn’t take me two years to secure it from him…. Maybe I’m missing something here, but lets not conveniently blame someone who tried his best to get out of a business he was losing lots of money in…. Just not accurate….. A businessman is allowed to sell out and leave if the business is going under…. That’s generally good business practice.

    There’s a pretty comprehensive article on this, written by Fisher, with lines from his contract with the current owners, available on Facebook….. Check it out…..

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