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Hexagon Space to Shutter in July

May 19, 2011

The Hexagon Space, for a time an indispensable DIY performance/gallery space in Station North, has announced that it intends to shut down July 1. A posting on its web site reads:

Sorry folks.  We’ve lost our lease.  Effective JULY 1ST, 2011, The Hexagon Space location at 1825 NORTH CHARLES will be CLOSED.  It’s been 2 years and 11 months since The Hexagon Space was started, and we’ve had some really fantastic shows and art gallery openings.  Baltimore has supported us through thick & thin, and we thank every band, artist, volunteer, and audience member who has helped us survive to this point.  THANK YOU ALL!!

It’s unfortunate, but after a lingering phase of collective turn-over running from sometime late last summer until this past winter, the space hasn’t been nearly the same as the Hexagon that achieved booking coups on regular basis, scoring acts such as Tim Hecker, Matt and Kim, or Mullyman. As for what’s to become of the space itself and why the lease won’t be renewed, we have a call in to owner Joy Martin (who also owns the Club Charles and Zodiac) for comment.

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