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Video: Skarr Akbar Goes After Gotham in “Jackpot”

April 12, 2011

Cinematic ambitions and movie homages are nothing new for hip-hop videos. And Skarr Akbar’s “Jackpot” isn’t even the first rap vid to take its inspiration from Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight. But while the Baltimore rapper’s 6-minute “mini-movie” for the single off of last year’s The Pursuit of Happyness 2 may not get points for originality, it deserves extra credit for execution and entertainment value.

Akbar’s never made many videos to promote his dozens of mixtapes, so it’s perversely awesome to see him rapping the ominously catchy song in creepy Joker makeup for the entirety of his slickest video to date. Baltimore rappers Comp, Tonio: From Da Top, and SK make cameos, but Batman never shows up, leaving Akbar to chew the scenery as an unstoppable villain, a role he’s always been happy to play.


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