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The Black Sunn and 810 Call Out the DMV Movement

April 26, 2011

The Black Sunn and 810 are two young Baltimore rappers that have been making increasingly great music and building a small amount of blog buzz over the past couple years, often guesting on each other’s solo records. And now they’re finally collaborating on a full length album as a duo, United Division Project. Its first single, “DMV (Everyone Knows),” is a bold statement about the movement in recent years to label Washington D.C., Maryland and, Virginia as all one interconnected hip-hop scene.

In the chorus, the Black Sunn speaks for pretty much every Baltimore rapper’s misgivings about the regional tag, which is taken far more seriously in Washington and its surrounding suburbs than in the rest of Maryland: “DMV DMV, we preaching unity, but everyone knows you excludin’ Bmore.” The rappers’ verses don’t lean on the controversial topic nearly as much, which helps the hook feel more like a moment of brash honesty rather than an angry denouncement. And the song’s low-budget video has a certain homespun charm, as 810 raps with a slice of pizza in one hand, and takes a bite as soon as he finishes the last bar of his verse.

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