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DJ Pierre Ups Thee Game with New Mixtape, ThEEEE MiXtApEEEE

April 19, 2011

DJ Pierre just released ThEEEE MiXtApEEEE (not to be confused with Blaqstarr’s brand new The Mixtape) and unlike the multiple-artist, old classics-meet-new club hits mixed CDs he’s known for, this one’s 30 minutes of original productions. This release comes at an important point for the young producer, just a few months after his remix of M.I.A.’s “Steppin’ Up” made it onto Vicki Leekz and just a few days after his remix of Nguzunguzu’s “Mirage” appeared on the Mirage Remixes EP alongside other forward-thinking underground dance producers like Girl Unit and Munchi.

ThEEEE MiXtApEEEE moves along like a club music set but it also allows for some of Pierre’s boldest and most experimental productions. Here, getting people to dance is just one of the many goals. “In The Studio (2 Step)” with blown-out bass and crawling pianos is pretty far from club music–which is great–and even something like, “Dirty Bit Break,” which takes the only good part of the Black Eyed Peas’ “Time Of My Life (Dirty Bit)” and well, dirties it up a bit, doesn’t take the easy route. “U Don’t Bang Wit Me,” a sassy minimal track with shit-talk vocals from TT the Artist suggests Pierre has a future producing for emcees, which before this track didn’t seem possible given his angular, distracted style of beatmaking. Download ThEEEE MiXtApEEEE here. Tracklisting below:

1. “Exclusive Intro Beat”

2. “Let Get This Thing Goin”

3. “Hit The Handclap 2011”

4. “S & M Remix”

5. “U Don’t Bang Wit Me” ft. TT The Artist

6. “All U Bitches”

7. “In The Studio (2Step)” ft. Big Bro Al

8. “Uhh Break”

9. “Dirty Bit Break”

10. “Get High Remix”

11. “First Thing’s First I’ll Rock Ya Body”

12. “Feel On Me”

13. “Party Hornz”

14. “Where The Hornz @” ft. DJ Yadi

15. “Go Boom!”

16. “On The Grind”

17. “Taking It To Another Level”

18. “Come On Drums”

19. “Tell Me”

20. “Run This Club” (M.I.A.’s “Steppin’ Up” Remix)

21. “Throw It In The Bag” Snippet

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