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Baltimore Filmmaker Hilton Carter and DJ Quik Go Out for Milk

April 29, 2011

Baltimore filmmaker Hilton Carter directed the music video for DJ Quik’s “Luv of My Life,” the first single from the Los Angeles legend’s new album Book of David. The video has all the things you’d expect from a Quik video (weed, strippers, elastic sports headbands) but the video’s narrative rather goofily kicks-off when Quik runs out of milk for his cereal and has to leave the house. Somewhere along the way for a new half-gallon, he gets distracted and ends up at a strip club, then in a poker game, and finally with a girl on the way back to his house.

Like most of DJ Quik’s work, it’s the right mix of typical gangsta stuff and humane, nerdy sincerity. And, really, that’s all of Book of David, easily one of the best and weirdest rap albums of the year. It’s basically Quik either rapping grown-ass man slow jam raps or these really bitter, angry invectives against all the people that’ve wronged him. The biblical title is apt: It’s Quik rapping his own brand of Old Testament justice via one-liners like “put some honey on your dick and put it in a blender.” Watch the video for “Luv of My Life” below:


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