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Awesome: Oxes Are Back for Real

April 8, 2011

It’s been five years since the math-metal band of merry pranksters known as Oxes dropped some new riffage for us to savor. In the years following guitarist Nat Fowler’s departure for Italy, which he later left for Berlin, guitarist Marc Miller would go on to ply his trade in the “no-jazz” group Microkingdom, and drummer Chris Freeland would eventually develop his Beat Babies studios to become a local recording and production powerhouse.

Well, after playing rare gigs at last year’s Whartscape and an August date at the Windup Space, the band is set to release two 12-inch singles in May, titled “Crunchy Zest” and “Orange Jewelryist,” on the label Africantape and tour Europe. There are two versions of the song “Orange Jewelryist” floating around, a truncated three-and-a-half minute “radio edit” (lol?) and a nearly-six-and-a-half minute slow-building epic. The former is merely the latter with both ends whittled away. No matter, the meat and guts of the thing is a slow-tempo jam that plods along with plenty of metal god shredding from Miller and Fowler, at one point featuring one playing a buzzsaw riff while the other twists and contorts notes to ring like an air raid siren’s manic shriek. Freeland is mostly there to keep steady time, occasionally throwing in great little fills, until the last third, when he unleashes pounding percussion for a wall of guitar wails that eventually give way to power chords.

Hear both versions below.

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Oxes<br /> &quot;Orange Jewelryist&quot; by AFRICANTAPEGROUP</a>

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  • Grout Mold Removed

    you really dug out some of my memories. I remember having the same experience.