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Video: Billo featuring WillStar, “Off My Mind”

March 2, 2011

Erstwhile For the People Entertainment rapper Billo has been steadily dropping videos for the past few months, at least four off of last August’s mixtape Falling Off Into 1st, and the latest is for “Off My Mind.” The song, featuring a melodic hook from WillStar and a light, elegant beat that’s driven more by gentle keyboard chords than drums, initially scans as a decidedly soft, radio-friendly “for the ladies” jam. But Billo uses his conversational rap style to make this relationship rap more sincere and realistic than calculatedly commercial. And the video by Wiz Productions helps Billo tell his story as straightforwardly as possible, with some nice touches–such as WillStar pausing and holding a glass of liquor up to his lips in the middle of the line, “Girl you be trippin, wonderin’ why I be gettin’ sips in . . . to get this off my mind.”

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  • Billo

    the label is Life Is Art Enterprise! Billo is NOT with for the people ent

  • Transou79


  • Al Shipley

    Look up the word “erstwhile,” Billo.

  • Billo

    lol dammit al i get it!!!! lol thanks a whole lot for ALL the support over the years !!!!!