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Say Wut Takes Club Forward Again with “Alien Nation”

March 16, 2011

Though it does feature his signature horns and a nod to his early days as NSW (Nigga Say Wut) in that ominous synth-choir sound, “Alien Nation” is a new kind of club track for Say Wut. It’s anchored by a spare flicker of strings and brassy video game noises, but there’s nothing that really resembles a melody in there at all. It’s all just primal club music elements–grunts and shouts, lots of drums–clattering against one another.

Say Wut’s computer producer style was often about maximizing the sound of club music, smoothing it out, making it more electro-like, but here he uses those same sounds toward something aggressively simple. Early club in its bold, minimalist weirdness and Detroit techno-like in its interest in looking to the stars for inspiration, “Alien Nation” is another example of the way club music, even with its significantly lowered profile as of late, keeps on mutating at rapid-speed. You can listen to “Alien Nation” below:

Alien Nation by saywut