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Listen: Rome Cee, “Rap Messiah Freestyle”

March 9, 2011

Rome Cee quietly emerged as one of Baltimore hip-hop’s most promising talents in 2010 with two “FreEP”s and one collaborative record with Justin Ambush, all self-released via his Band Camp page. But E Major’s label Under Sound Music has proven once again that it’s got its ears to the ground by taking notice and drafting Rome Cee, who’s now prepping his first release on the label, the upcoming mixtape The Extra Mile.

As a teaser, Under Sound just released “Rap Messiah Freestyle,” in which Rome Cee crams 20 bars over an original beat by Norm Regular into 65 seconds, leaving no time to mess around or do much of anything besides display his raw rhyming talent. The title is more than a little self-aggrandizing, as are lyrics like “Might just bring real rap back in all its purity/ I might just bring real altogether back, y’all dare me?/ y’all sleepin’, in need of an inception apparently.” But when an MC is this good and prolific, it’s tempting to just let him go ahead and see if he can back up the big talk.

Rap Messiah by EverydayElk

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