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Going for a Ride in Midas’ “Velvet Limousine”

March 22, 2011

Mania Music Group’s Midas (now going by the name DDM) has a hip-hop and club fusion record called American Graffiti coming out soon on Unruly Records. The project was first mentioned in City Paper a few weeks ago in a profile of Unruly borders-breaker Schwarz (he has a beat on the album) and, now, there’s “Velvet Limousine,” the first hint of what American Graffiti might sound like.

“Velvet Limousine” is the kind of bugged-out hip-hop to expect from Midas, and the beat, from Baltimore’s King Midas, is a combination of Neptunes-like dance-rap and electro-ish club. Just hearing Midas rhyming over something even kind of like a club beat is pretty exciting. While dude can rap his ass off, he’s got that rarefied fun-with-words sass found in club vocalists such as Jimmy Jones and Ms. Tony, and who else has that right now? There’s also a video for “Velvet Limousine,” which is basically Midas being Midas, and that means wilding out in a strip club in some baggy Zubaz pants and, like, a Goodwill football jersey. And there’s another kinda Max Headroom-ish part. It’s all pretty amazing. You can download the track here and watch the video below:

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    lets get this limo rolling @dmvjams is the brand #Arthaus is Label