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We’re Not Sure About This New DJ Class Track

February 25, 2011

Earlier this week, DJ Class released a song called “Wacko Flacco” that’s sort of about the Ravens, sort of about weed, and seems to be somehow grabbing onto the Waka Flocka Flame radio rap zeitgeist . . . or something? It’s got AutoTune, pretty much the same sing-rap cadence as “Dance Like a Freak,” and is football-related, which doesn’t make a lot of sense a few weeks after the Super Bowl, but it’s still Class, so the hook with those horns almost works, and it’s a solid-sounding fusion of club and the post-fist-pump dance pop all over the radio right now. But it also remains completely radio unfriendly (hyper-regional, about weed) and just plain goofy. Maybe somebody out there can explain this one.  Another weird turn in the strange post-“I’m the Ish” career of DJ Class.

Anyhow, what say you?

DJ Class – Wacko Flacco by Unruly Records

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