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Volcom Finally Delivers Live Saint Vitus Vinyl

February 25, 2011

Last year, Volcom Entertainment’s “vinyl club” announced a 7-inch from Maryland metal god Scott “Wino” Weinrich‘s old, recently reunited band Saint Vitus. It was supposed to feature live recordings of “Saint Vitus” and “Born Too Late” (those are links to studio recordings, by the way). But “Saint Vitus” b/w “Born Too Late” (VEVC 0014) never showed up, even as the subscription service sent out other releases. Finally, last month, Volcom said they got it “just right” and shipped the record out to subscribers, along with the latest installment in the series, a Best Coast 7-inch. The Vitus record’s been slowly making its way to record stores and mail orders like Aquarius Records and All That Is Heavy since.

And yeah, it’s pretty nice: a blue and purple marble 7-inch featuring two vicious Vitus classics blasted out live. “Born Too Late,” live at the Viper Room in June 2010, is particularly grimy and noisy and soaked in feedback, which is totally appropriate for this seminal, proto-doom track. As is often the case with Wino, tragedy and pain are never too far away; the record’s insert pays tribute to Vitus’ former drummer Armando Acosta and a note on the back dedicates the release to Type O Negative’s Peter Steele with the order to “PLAY IT LOUD!” No problem.

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