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Video: Height and Mickey Free Get in the Shark Tank

February 7, 2011

Shark Tank is a new hip-hop kinda-supergroup that’s releasing its debut album this month and playing a release party at the Windup Space on Friday. It features Height and Mickey Free, two old friends who’ve turned a decade-long collaboration into a whole constellation of offbeat local hip-hop artists that band together every year at the Baltimore Rap Round Robin.

But it’s also notable for including Lord Grunge of Grand Buffet, the surrealist Pittsburgh rap duo that have been both friends of and huge influences on the Baltimore indie rap scene since around 2002, when it started playing shows with Cex and becoming perhaps a bigger draw at the Ottobar than at any venue in its hometown. Shark Tank also features a Canadian rapper named Brendan Richmond, who somewhat confusingly also goes by B.Rich, the rapping handle that first belonged to the Baltimore rapper of “Whoa Now” fame.

The video for Shark Tank’s first single “Don’t Shoot” is a house party-themed clip for a song that plays to the group’s strengths. Lord Grunge just handles the hook and acts as a foil for the other rappers, much as he usually does with Grand Buffet partner Grape-A-Don, while Height and Mickey Free display their collaborative chemistry splitting the first verse into halves and then doing a Styles-and-Jadakiss-style back and forth at the end of the second verse. Richmond makes a less-than-glowing first impression, with a verse in which the closest thing to a hot line awkwardly rhymes “feasible” with “vehicle.”

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  • FAN

    I love B. Rich. He’s got great style.

  • Deadpanwalking

    Can somebody release Height’s self titled debut album on iTunes for Chrissakes?!? Geez.