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On The Download: Mullyman’s Mullyman vs. the Machine Mixtape

February 9, 2011

Mullyman’s new mixtape, Mullyman vs. the Machine, is sponsored by noted mixtape shouter DJ Whoo Kid, and in New York last night, there was a party and performance hosted by Angela Yee, morning DJ for New York’s Power 105.1. (Reports of Jimmy Jones dancing to “No Hands” should make everybody sad they didn’t go).

Despite the big-time industry stuff surrounding the mixtape’s release, it’s really more of the same from Mullyman, and that’s impressive. Pretty much every beat here is produced by DJ Booman or Mbahlievable, and other than an appearance by Sean Paul on “Shoulda Done,” the guests are Baltimore and Washington D.C.-based: the Doo Dew Kidz, Nik Stylz, Raheem DeVaughn, and Phil Ade. “I Like Money,” a club music/rap hybrid (with a small amount of electro thrown in there too) is credited to the Doo Dew Kidz featuring Mullyman.

Given the mixtape’s vague conceit–Mullyman’s doggedly independent come-up over the past 10 years—and its relatively high-profile release party, Mullyman’s decision to stick to what he does best and just make an even more rap-filled follow-up to last summer’s Harder Than Baltimore speaks volumes about the guy’s integrity. As his profile rises, his interest in changing up his style or grabbing guests gets smaller. Think about it this way: His 2005 debut, Mullymania had more big-name guests than Mullyman vs. the Machine.

You can download Mullyman vs. The Machine from Mullyman’s web site here.

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