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On the Download: Kil’s Through the Wire

February 17, 2011

Kil, a beatmaker and a former host of Strictly Hip Hop, has put together a surprisingly non-shticky concept album based around The Wire. On his Bandcamp page—where Through the Wire can be downloaded for free—Kil calls the tape “a perfect marriage between two of my loves, making beats and the HBO television series The Wire,” making clear the fanboy nature of the project.

Rather than use the show as shorthand for “realness” or pad a beat-tape with some context, Kil’s gone ahead and captured the mood of the show via a sound collage of whining soul samples, Wire clips, and tangentially related vocal snippets from classic rap songs. There’s special attention paid to scope, with whole scenes from the show rolling-out overtop his production; it’s almost like he’s re-scoring his favorite moments from the show. Highlight : on “What Happpens if We Buck (Powder),” when some hip-hop drums of death arrive right after Colvin mentions “some Biblical shit happening to you on the way to that motherfuckin’ jail wagon.”

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