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On the Download: E Major, “Since You Been Gone”

February 2, 2011

Like the spacey, electronic stuff that snuck onto The Major Major Mixtape and the recent “For The Win,” this “lost” track continues the straight rapping over kinda-crazy beats style E Major’s been all about as of late.

“Since You Been Gone” came about when E Major handed over an unreleased track to Under Sound producer Eddie Pearson–who put out a pretty great, mostly instrumental album Sound Wandering in 2009–and had the Virginia Beach producer remix it. For listeners, there’s no un-remixed version for comparison, but what we have here is a quietly epic break-up song. E Major’s doing some off-the-rails rapping without a hook–shades of Kanye’s “Blame Game” though this was recorded before that–and Eddie’s beat is a fusion of clunky drums, chipmunk vocals, and pretty,elegant piano.

Unlike Mr. West, who was wailing at an ex no-holds-barred on “Blame Game,” “Since You Been Gone” has more to do with another Chicago emcee’s break-up song: Common’s “I Used To Love H.E.R.” Yes, this is E Major’s quasi-kiss-off to modern day hip-hop, along with some yearning for the kind of stuff he grew up on, but it mostly avoids that classic song’s smarmy conceit for a pained, “why’s it gotta be like that?” confessional. And that message goes down much easier with a beat that’s looking forward and not stuck in, say, 1992.

You can download E Major’s “Since You Been Gone” over at Under Sound Music’s blog.

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  • Luis Alvarez

    Pretty cool!